Sunday, January 18, 2009

At the Circus

We went to the circus this week. It was my first circus and Rian's too.
We met clowns, and saw the elephants and tigers perform.
Rian wasn't scared of the clowns at all. She was fascinated by them.

We got a program and had a lot of the clowns and performers sign it.

Rian's favorite part of the show was the animals. She liked watching all the dogs do their tricks and kept pointing and saying "Pup Pup, Pup Pup." She likes the tigers too. She thought they were kitties. When they roared, she meowed at them.

Her very favorite was the elephants though. We watched up close during the pre-show when Asia the elephant painted a picture. And she was glued to her seat when the elephants came out for their act. She even cried and yelled "No! No!" when they left. They were impressive. She got a little fussy towards the end of the show, it was late. But when the elephants came out during the finale, she cheered right up. Rey and I just had to buy her a souvenir elephant.

As went we to leave, we saw Piper (and Ryan and Kristie.) She and Piper held hands and walked halfway to car together.

Rian is a Princess

This is first in what I hope will be a series of my little Princess.

She got a crown, necklace, ring from her good friend Piper for Christmas and she loves them.

Happy Anniversary

This past Wednesday (the 14th) was our Anniversary. We have been married two whole years!!! It was very nice. We rented a Cabin at the Fort Wilderness Camp grounds for two nights and had it all to ourselves. As much as we love Rian and the whole family, it was nice to have a full day with no responsibilities, no interruptions, and all to ourselves. We did a lot of nothing.

We rode the Resort Launches around the Seven Seas Lagoon. We rode the train around Magic Kingdom. We ate ice cream!

We went to visit my old horse Achilles at the Fort Wilderness Tri-Circle D Ranch. He looks healthy and happy. He has really filled out in the last couple of years.

Since he doesn't shed his hair, when it gets really warm, they have to shave him. The stable hands got a little creative with it though!!!

We went to Artist's Pointe at the Wilderness Lodge. It was wonderful. Rey had Buffalo and I had Salmon. Both were very good. Afterwards we had our picture taken in front of the bridge inside the Lodge. It a very beautiful spot. However, the flash was on the on camera and you can't really see the background, so you will have to take me word that it was a beautiful!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy Holidays

We had a great Christmas and Hanukkah!

Rian loved looking at the tree and playing with the Monorail running around it. She would walk over to it and point the Monorail and say "GO!" and wave her arm like she was pushing it along. She is the cutest baby ever, as my sister says.

She was fasinated by lighting the Menorah. She kept saying "Hot, hot." and trying to blow out the candles.

Here are some of the professional Christmas pictures we had taken.

We didn't get many photos of her opening presents, but she loved it. She would open a present and, if it wasn't clothes, she wanted to play it instead of opening the next present. She got a tricycle from Grandma and Grandpa, a Elmo Live from Grammy and a kitchen from Mommy and Daddy. Of course, she got a ton of clothes and books and other toys.

Rey and I had a good Christmas too. We got a bed from Grandma and Grandpa and new towels that match our new bathroom set from Grammy.

Rey, Rian and I love all our presents. Thank you all.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Halloween and other stories....

So, I'm out of hospital and I can update the blog now.

I don't have much to update, just Halloween pictures. Most of you know Mom and Dad bought a new house and that I have been really sick. I don't really want to go into all of that anyway. I am hopeing to have Christmas pictures and birthday pictures as the week goes on. (Cause I'm feeling way better and can take them!)


Rian was a very cute Tinker Bell for Halloween. At first she was afraid of going up to people houses. She would stand with us as we rang the door bell and then she wanted to leave. She did finally get the idea to hold her bag open and at least wave to the people after we got the candy. She was very tired though and fell alseep at dinner before we left. Once we got her out of the stroller she was wide awake, so of course she didn't want to go sleep when we got home.

Other Stories:

Rian is getting bigger everyday it seems.
  • She has moved on from her Highchair to a Booster chair that straps to the regular chairs and she can eat right off the table with the rest of us. She loves to pick up the table cloth and look under neath. (Grandma loves that!)
  • She loves brushing her hair and takes Mommy's hair brush every times she's in the kitchen.
  • She has tons of new words; "Pooh", "Santa", "a Clue" (from Blue's Clues), "Boo", "Lella" (for Cinderella) and a bunch more. She is learning more and more ever day.
  • She loves to eat snacks when everyone else is eating. Grandpa sits her in a big chair in the mornings and feeds her some of his cereal every morning. Daddy feeds her ice cream at dessert time. Mommy gives her milk and cookies. But what it is doesn't matter, she just wants to sit in a big chair and eat with anyone who is eating.
  • She blows kisses too. While I was in hospital she blew kisses to me on the phone everyday. She loves to talk on the phone too, by the way. The other day, I had someone on speaker phone and she insisted on putting her ear up against the phone to talk to them.

  • We got a hair cut today. Mommy went first. I'm not going to tell you about it, cause I want to suprise you!!! I will take pictures soon. But then Rian sat on Mommy's lap and got her hair cut a little. She got a trim and got her bangs cut, cause they were way to long and hanging in her eyes. She was a very good girl, she didn't cry at all. (Probably cause she likes her hair brushed so much!) We will have pictures of her hair soon too.

That's it really. That is all the updates to today. I'll write more in another few months! HaHa!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Daddy's Birthday

Rey turned 30 on Wednesday. (Wow he's old!!)

I took him out for a special day the Saturday before. I was kinda themed at, "You're 30, here are somethings I don't want you to miss out on."

We started out having breakfast at IHOP, (classey, I know, but we needed something fast) where he got a pink rose balloon.

From there we went to Sky Venture, an indoor sky diving place. I was a little nervous at first, cause I booked time for me too, but it turned out great. The instructors stay in the wind tunnel with you, which makes it a much easier experience.

It a really neat free fall without the danger. The instructors told us it was just like actually sky diving, but without the view. Rey had a blast and he was much better than me. I couldn't keep arms down (the wind is really strong). It's only two 1 minute flights, but to me it felt much longer. I think Rey wanted to buy another two minutes though. Chris, our instructor, even gave us a little demonstration at the end.

From there I gave Rey his choice, we could to the Sammy Duvall Watersports Center at the Contemporary, Go Carts or Laser Tag at Old Town (and maybe the Sky Coaster) or whatever else he could think of. Waterskiing at Sammy Duvall's turned to be too expensive, so we went to Old Town. Rey told me that the Sky Coaster was way better after dark (I dodged that bullet) so we bought Go-Cart tickets. As it turns out, I am not good at Go-Carts. We each had four rides...I made Rey drive me aroung for the third one.

Our next stop was the Disney Marketplace and Rainforest Cafe for lunch. Grandma and Grandpa met us with the baby.

Then we went to EPCOT. Rey couldn't, for the life of him, figure out what we were doing at EPCOT. He knew it couldn't be a Segway tour, because we had the baby, but he couldn't think of whatelse there was to do. I surprised him when I walked right up to Guest Relations and said, "My husband has reservations for the 4:15 PM dive at the Living Seas." He hadn't been diving in years, though he has wanted to. He loved it. He got a behind the scenes tour of The Living Seas and then he got to Scuba Dive for 45 mins. He says he buzzed by a Sea Turtle and he almost landed on a shark.

Rian and I even got to watch him in the tank. I thought it was cool, especially cause we got to be on the video they made. Rian, on the other hand, wanted none of it. I think she was a little tired, but she was also hungry and Mommy kept making her get up and walk around to watch Daddy and she couldn't really figure out that it was Daddy. She was ok when he was just floating near us in the tank, but once he swam straight at us; she cried and backed away. (You would too if you had someone in a mask with a big black thing in their mouth that made them look like a monster come at you.)

Lastly we went to the Ft. Wilderness Resort for dinner and a carriage ride. We ordered a pizza, got on a nice little carriage ride, pulled by Doug a beautiful Persheron, (in the dark) where we saw a ton of deer, then ate our pizza on the porch of the resturaunt. It would have been perfect, had we planned it, and had there not been so many durn mosquitos.

We got home, gave Rian a shower, and went to bed. It was a great day for all of us, but especailly Rey. He didn't kow about any of it and was suprised at every turn.
I did however tell him that he had to choose, horses, Scuba, or Sky Diving. We can't afford all three hobbies. (We can't even afford one!!! Why does he have to pick expensive things? Why can't collect stamps or something?)

Sunday, we went to Rey's Mom's and celebrated with his mom and sisters and got a bunch of movies.

Wednesday, he got Guitar Hero from my parents and he, Rian and I went to Texas de Brazil. It's a nice resturaunt, but next time we'll go hungry and without the baby.
Tonight my parents are taking Rey and Tracy (she's 22 today) to BJ's brewhouse. It's been a whole week of birthday fun!!

Stuff I missed

I realize that I am not the best at updating the blog...but here is a quick update on some stuff I missed.

Not too long ago (a couple weeks) Rey and I took Rian to Wonderworks. I don't really recommend it, unless your kids are 4 or 5 at least. There wasn't a lot Rian could do, and there wasn't a lot I could do, cause I was watching her the whole time. Rey kinda had fun though. He even got to lay on the bed of nails.

One of things she liked was the wall of pegs. She discovered that she could make hand prints. I think she just likes things she push and not get yelled at for.

The thing she loved was the bubble room. She was completely memorized by the giant bubbles, it was all she wanted to do. She helped me and Daddy make bubbles and we even covered her with a bubble. She thought it was great. I still think next time, maybe we'll try the Science Center. They have a room all about orange juice, or something, specifically for little kids to play.

The other thing I missed was the ear infection. I know this is not normally something you would want to share with people, but it was her first real sick and for first time parents it's always a big deal.

It was very exciting. The night before Rian second cousin Jake's 2yr birthday party Rian got a fever. Rey and I were out, but Grandma took good care of her, gave her Tylenol and juice and put her too bed a little early. The next day she had a high fever at one point reaching 102.7. We were having a hard time keeping it down even with Tylenol and a cool bath. Rey had gone to Jake's birthday to give him his present and at least represent the family. He came home quickly and we took her to an urgent Pediatric Care place. They were great.

The doctor told us she had an ear infection and a small throat infection. He gave us some Motrin and a prescription for Amoxicillin. But they wouldn't let us leave until her fever started to go down. We changed her into something cool and the nurse brought us a red Popsicle. Rian was not a fan of the cold. She liked the flavor, but we think the cold hurt her little teeth. Daddy had to break off little bits and pop them in her mouth.
I really wanted to stay home with her the following Monday, but Rey was home. He and Grandma took good care of the little sick poopy doopy. She was much better in like 2 days.
That's about it for the big stuff...
There is plenty of little things; we got a new tooth brush, with a handle, so I don't get bitten every time I try to brush Rian's teeth, Daddy started playing softball again for Disney, Rian has two new teeth, molars all the way in the back, and Aunt Julie started high school. It's been a busy couple of weeks.